About the Harmonettes

A mutual love of the nostalgic tunes and close-knit harmonies of the 1940’s brought Shelley Maurice-Maier, Sherie Neff, and Sally Graeber together in 2014, originally as the “SpanDecs.” This name was chosen because there is a 10-year age difference between each of our singers (20 years between the oldest and youngest), and because our repertoire spans the decades of the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. But because there was some confusion and the name always needed an explanation, it was decided to change it to something more musically descriptive, and thus we became the “Harmonettes.” We came together initially to sing a couple of songs for a concert for the Central Oregon Mastersingers, of which we are all charter members. We quickly discovered that we love singing together and wanted to continue on as a group. Each of us has an extensive background of musical performance which, combined, includes many local groups as well as throughout the country and abroad. The Harmonettes would be delighted to perform at your social event, with the hope that our song choices will “take you back” or offer something musically new for you to enjoy!

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